About No Profit Recordings

Hi, we are Dina and Mario, No Profit Recordings creators.

We rethink existence through notes and repurpose life with music.
Audiophiles and artists, huge underground and avant-garde music buffs, vinyl collectors.

Also, living proofs that music indeed connects people.

Think of No Profit Recordings as a hub for alternative genre artists and lovers.
Created out of pure need, and a spark of curiosity...

With three main goals to achieve.


We simply want to make good music easier to get and listen.

Both offline and online.

Vinyl is a medium of choice for us, but we understand the importance of digital downloads.


Music needs understanding. People, too.

The perspective bands have to have support on their way to their public.

We are here to provide it.

We’ll push the release in the light of the day, provide live appearances & help with the booking
and promo activities.


Our vision is inclusion.

We will create a safe space and community for music lovers, vinyl aficionados, concerts
goers, and opinionated (over)thinkers.

Live acts, vinyl release parties, listening sessions, workshops, discussions... The possibilities
are endless and we will use them.

Welcome aboard.

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Udruga Alternativa / No Profit Recordings
Address: Krležina 31, 52100 Pula, Croatia
Vat ID: 56677012192

Email: noprofitrec@gmail.com

SMS: +385 91 890 5382
WhatsApp: +385 91 890 5382

SMS: +385 99 645 4343
WhatsApp: +385 99 645 4343


When it comes to music, there are no boundaries... We love everything harmonious and made with love...

We live for heavy guitar and bass riffs, distortions that take you to another dimension, that catapult you out of this planet, drums that drive you crazy, and energetic live performances that fill your soul!
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