Bell Witch (USA), The Keening (USA) @04.05. AKC Attack, Zagreb

On May 4, 2024, one of the pioneers of funeral doom metal Bell Witch will play their first concert in Zagreb, Croatia supported by phenomenal dark folk doom band The Keening!

This slow-burning, but quite fiery duo from Seattle, US is coming to AKC Attack. They shared the stages of America, Europe and beyond with some of the biggest metal bands of today, and played at renowned festivals such as Roadburn and Brutal Assault. Bell Witch has been creating music continuously since 2010. This gig will be the perfect opportunity to present the last album from 2023 called Future’s Shadow
Part 1: The Clandestine Gate.

This witch cooks the ultimate musical catharsis.

The characteristic funeral doom tempo may at first dictate the absence of technical provocations from the stage that we are used to in other metal genres. However, Bell Witch in live performances presents an unexpected phenomenon that should not be missed. The combination of the seven-string bass guitar and Dylan Desmond’s esoteric vocals with the slow but firm hand (and vocals too!) of drummer Jesse Shreibman builds a colossal wall of sound. The mournful sound of the organ percussions and the drenching minor that soaks repertoire with ultimate doom despair could spark an interest in fans of bands such as Esoteric, Evoken,
Skepticism, Mournful Congregation and the iconic Thergothon.

Little bird, big sensation in the making

The supporting act, The Keening, definitely belongs to the “different and fresh” category.

It’s a newer musical project by Rebecca Vernon from the well-remembered
American band SubRosa, which we had the opportunity to see live at AKC Attack exactly 10 years ago. Without much hesitation, it can be said that The Keening is a unique gem on the scene and a sensation in the making. The debut album Little Bird takes a turn from SubRosa’s somewhat fiercer, more concentrated, but also more chaotic sound towards mature, sovereign and simply addictive doom with dark folk influences. A bit slower overall tempo and the mix of masterful flute, harp, violin, piano and dulcimer orchestrations lead us into the dark, brooding chambers of the incredibly talented Rebecca and her musical troupe.

Early bird tickets (20 EUR) are waiting for you until February 18. The regular ticket price is 25 EUR, and on the day of the concert, the price will be 30 EUR. Tickets will be available through the CoreEvent system.

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