Mondo Generator (USA), Omega Sun (SLO), Harrowist (A) @08.05.24′ AGD Gustaf, Maribor

Mondo Generator (USA) + Omega Sun (SLO) + Harrowist (A) @ AGD Gustaf, 08.05.2024.

Presale 17€, 22€ at the door.…/mondo…/vstopnice-1179328.html

Doors: 20:00h / Gig: 21.00 /

21:00 Harrowist
22:00 Omega Sun
23:00 Mondo Generator

Mondo Generator was formed in 1997 by Queens of the Stone Age bassist/singer Nick Oliveri. Initially intended as a solo/side project, the classic Cocaine Rodeo album was recorded that same year, but remained unreleased until the summer of 2000. The follow-up, A Drug Problem That Never Existed, was released jointly in the Summer of 2003. A worldwide tour followed that was chronicled on video for the DVD release Use Once and Destroy Me. In 2004, Mondo Generator recorded and released III The EP. In 2006, Mondo Generator released Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails on the English label Mother Tongue. It would be released worldwide the following year on Suburban Noize Records. In the summer of 2012, the new Mondo Generator album, Hell Comes To Your Heart, was released by Mondo Media/Cobraside. In 2015, the band went through a lineup change, with Ian Taylor and Hoss Wright departing, and Mike Pygmie and Jeff Bowman joining full-time but in 2018 Bowman was replaced with Mike Amster. In 2020, Mondo Generator released their albums Fuck It and Shooters Bible, with the Shooters Bible being recorded back in 2010. Mondo Generator released their seventh studio album, We Stand Against You, in October 2023.

Slovenian heavy fuzz rockers Omega Sun started in 2013. After some turmoil and member changes in 2017 Omega Sun finally managed to record and release their debut full-length Opium For The Masses; as a power trio consisting of Igor (vocals, bass), Seba (drums), and Aris (guitar). In 2022 the band finished the work on their 2nd full length Roadkill. The album was released in 2023 by No Profit Recordings

Hailing from Graz, Austria, are performing heavy and uncompromising blackened HC punk, demonstrated by the lead singer’s voice right at the outset, complemented by catchy guitar riffs, a pounding bass, and battering drums, looking at the deeds of our species in anger and blankness. Their debut ‘Karakorum’ was released in 2021, maintaining a nerve-racking arc of tension from the first to the last note. In February they are releasing their new record ‘Pamir’, followed by a series of wild live shows that you don’t want to miss.




Udruga Alternativa / No Profit Recordings
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WhatsApp: +385 99 645 4343


When it comes to music, there are no boundaries... We love everything harmonious and made with love...

We live for heavy guitar and bass riffs, distortions that take you to another dimension, that catapult you out of this planet, drums that drive you crazy, and energetic live performances that fill your soul!
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