Nick Oliveri: Death Acoustic Tour (USA) @02.04. Monte Paradiso, Pula

Nick Steven Oliveri may be best known for his involvement in some of the most significant contemporary rock bands ever, but he is a hyper-productive musician who works independently and as part of numerous fruitful musical collaborations. Some of the names he contributed to his musical influences are Turbonegro, Moistboyz, the Dwarves, Winnebago Deal, and others. He is also currently active in his project Mondo Generator, in the composition of Vista Chino, and is a driving part of the composition Stöner, together with Brant Bjork (ex-Kyuss) and Ryan Güt (Brant Bjork’s live drummer).

Death Acoustic is Oliveri’s independent album that contains covers of songs in the form of a kind of cross-section of his career as a musician and as a music fan. There are musical visions of Kyuss, QOTS, The Misfits, GG Allin, and other notable names, and now he brings them in a live, acoustic performance.

Tickets will be available exclusively at the entrance to the Monteparadiso club, for a price of €10.




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