Satan Panonski: Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre

Satan Panonski
Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre
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Digital, 12" Vinyl
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“I’m Satan of Pannonia, a punk by nationality, a friend by profession.”


1 Hard Blood Shock
2 Pioniri Maleni
3 Ratno Stanje
4 Kamikaza
5 Odrežite Sise
6 Dječakova Pjesma
7 Oči U Magli
8 DM
9 Iza Zida
10 Tiho / Bajka
11 Beduin
12 Slavica
13 Advokat
14 Trpi Kurvo
15 Dragi Sine Moj
16 Sexualni Distonalitet
17 Čaj Od Maka
18 Kiss My Cock
19 Odreži, Nareži, Zareži
20 Misli Li Istok
21 Kliktaj
22 Lepi Mario
23 Obdukcija
24 Pokolj


Ivica Čuljak – Satan Panonski


„Nuklearne Olimpijske igre“ (Nuclear Olympic Games) is the legendary punk album of Satan Panonski. Twenty-four music numerals create a world of angry, strong, and bold statement and perspective that resides on the motives of love, hate, war, and death. A true masterpiece of punk music and a must-have release for every underground music lover and vinyl collector.


Ivica Čuljak, better known as Satan Panonski (Satan of Pannonia) and Kečer II, was a punk music artist, poetry writer, graphic and textile artist, and body performer from Croatia. He was and still is a legend among the underground punk circles in Europe, mostly for his unconventional, shocking, morbid, but always true and authentic approach to living and creating. Satan Panonski was known for self-mutilation on stage, life in a prison hospital, and singing of death, war, violence, child exploitation, and sexual deviations. His lifetime opus consists of 42 songs, many literal works, paintings, textile creations, and many more.






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