Shagreen: Falling Dreams

Falling Dreams
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Digital, 12" Vinyl
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„Nine Inch Nails painted red.“

01 Shadows
02 Anytime
03 Don’t Stop Me Now
04 This This
05 Falling Dreams (Reprise)
06 Desire
07 Volta
08 Stay Right There
09 One Word
10 Killing
11 All Of Me
12 Home

The album was originally released as a self-released CD in 2019. This version of the album omits two CD tracks (the Beginning and Falling Dreams) due to vinyl timing limitations but has an exclusive intro track to Desire and a bonus track Home available only on the CD version so far. Album artwork is also exclusive to No Profit Rec. release. Available in 200 copies on white vinyl.


Shagreen – vocal, synths, electric violin.

Arek Grochowski – guitars (tracks A01, A03, A04, B02, B04).

Oskar Podolski – drums (tracks A01, A04, B04).



Throughout this album, Shagreen confronts human conscience and trials existence. Repetitions and hard bass confront ethereal vocals and soft, but bold synths, creating a unique soundscape that the lovers of industrial numeras simply need to visit. Limited to 180 hand-numbered copies on 12” white vinyl. Debut album with an alternative tracklist and exclusive artwork.



Shagreen is a one-woman musical project that resides in the post-industrial realm. Natalia Gadzina, Polish artist, composer, and music producer, uses ambient, dark wave, and goth-electronic influences to create a perfect frame for the unique vocal expression. In 2017, Shagreen released 4 singles and in 2018 her first EP Darkest Place is released for the American label No Devotion Records. At the beginning of 2019, her debut album Falling Dreams was released independently. It was mastered by Erie Loch best known for working with industrial music veterans such as Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly.









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When it comes to music, there are no boundaries... We love everything harmonious and made with love...

We live for heavy guitar and bass riffs, distortions that take you to another dimension, that catapult you out of this planet, drums that drive you crazy, and energetic live performances that fill your soul!
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