Stat Of Downfall Vol II

Stat Of Downfall Vol II
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„The chronicles continue.“

01 Zayn Vicarivs Filii Dei (Animal Rituals)
02 Pogavranjen – Ponoćni Lov
03 Hesperian Death Horse – Tesla
04 Zayn – Aegeus
05 Ponor – Koja Je Tvoja Cijena
06 Muka – Bog S Tobom
07 Hesperian Death Horse – Deces (Part 2: Palež)
08 Muka – Smrdi Mi Na Klopku
09 Ponor – Between a Day
10 Pogavranjen – Strigoi



Zayn; / Vicarivus Filii Dei (Animal Rituals)

Previously unreleased, taken from Zayn upcoming album ‘Fields Of God’.

Aegus. Previously released on Zayn self-released EP ‘Medeia’.

Hesperian Death Horse,, Tesla. Previously released on split EP ‘the Electric Wizard’. Deces (Part 2: Palež) Previously released on Hesperian Death Horse album ‘Mrtav’.

Muka, Bog S Tobom, Smrdi Mi Na Klopku. Both tracks previously released on Muka self-released album ‘Svi Šute’.

Pogavranjen, Ponoćni Lov, Strigoi. Both tracks previously released on Pogavranjen self-released album ‘Sebi Jesi Meni Nisi’.

Ponor, Koja Je Tvoja Cijena. Previously released on Ponor album ‘Ovo Je Kraj’.  Between a Day. Originally by Brightness, previously released on Ponor album ‘Ovo Je Kraj’ as an exclusive bonus track on the vinyl release.




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