The Osiris Club: Blazing Worlds - Live at Roadburn & Twicefold of Kind

The Osiris Club
Blazing Worlds - Live at Roadburn & Twicefold of Kind
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Digital, 12" Vinyl
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„Welcome to the Club.“

01 Intro-Miles and Miles Away, Seize Decay
02 That’s Not Like You
03 Mystery Sells
04 Solid Glass
05 Undoing Wrong
06 Blazing World
07 The Bells
08 Leaf Scrapings
09 Meat

The vinyl version is released in 200 hand-numbered copies on 12” silver/black splatter vinyl and includes two bonus tracks (Leaf Scrapings and Meat) and exclusive artwork.


Tracks 1-7

Sean Cooper: vocals & gong

Chris Fullard: guitar and Memotron

Raf Reutt: guitar

Darren Bunting: bass

Hanna Pettersson: saxophone

Andrew Prestidge: drums & gong

Matt Thompson: Korg 700 & Dave Smith Mopho x4


Track 8

Sean Cooper: bass, Mellotron, Logan Strings

Chris Fullard: guitar

Andrew Prestidge: drums, Korg 700

Roland Scriver: guitar


All songs written by Fullard/Fyfe/Oakes/Prestidge except 3, 6 (Fullard/Fyfe/Prestidge), 1 (first part) (Fullard, Prestidge), and 8 (Ferguson/Rhodes).


Recorded at the Roadburn Festival 2015, the 013 Venue, Tilburg, NL.

Audio regeneration by Marcel Van De Vondervoort.

Mixed by Chris Fullard.

Mastered by Michael Lawrence (Bladud Flies)



„Blazing World Live at Roadburn and Twicefold of Kind’ is a celebration of ten years of The Osiris Club. These recordings feature the 2013-2015 extended line-up of the band: Andrew Prestidge, Sean Cooper, Chris Fullard, Raf Reutt, Darren Bunting, Matt Thompson, Simon Oakes, and Hanna Pettersson, who between them have played in such bands as Angel Witch, Suns of the Tundra, Zoltan, Warning and 40 Watt Sun. The album also includes recordings of the current line-up, minus a few of the above but including Roland Scriver (also of Serpent Venom and End of Level Boss).

In 2015 we were given the opportunity to play that year’s edition of the Roadburn Festival. Not just a doom metal festival, Roadburn also programs a good number of prog and cinematic-flavored acts, among other genre-adjacent picks. This was a period when we were beginning to mix art rock theatricality with our psychedelic post-punk and progressive influences, so it seemed a perfect fit.“ Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on 12” silver/black splatter vinyl, including two bonus tracks and exclusive artwork.


A project that came out of mixing and matching numerous influences, like horror movie soundtracks and mysterious folk tales with the talents and visions of multiple well-known musicians. The Osiris Club brings the soundscape hommage to alternative popular culture, pays respect to the best of what came from music creation in the last 30 years, but also urges us to explore the unknowns between the hard, psychedelic music genres.








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When it comes to music, there are no boundaries... We love everything harmonious and made with love...

We live for heavy guitar and bass riffs, distortions that take you to another dimension, that catapult you out of this planet, drums that drive you crazy, and energetic live performances that fill your soul!
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