The Osiris Club: The Green Chapel

The Osiris Club
The Green Chapel
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Digital, 12" Vinyl
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„Alice in Wonderland, but in a trippy parallel universe.“


01 Phantasm
02 Moscow
03 The Inmost Light Part 1
04 The Inmost Light Part 2
05 Diamonds In The Wishing Well
06 Count Magnus
07 The Green Chapel
08 Blind Hare & The Pale Lady
09 Winter’s End
10 My Lord The Sun
11 The Crow



Sean Cooper – lead vocals (1, 2, 5, 6, 11), bass, synthesizers

Simon Oakes – lead vocals (3, 4, 7, 8 ,9, 10), cornet, synthesizers

Chris Fullard – guitars, FX

Roland Scriver – guitars, acoustic guitars

Andrew Prestidge – drums, percussion, guitar, synthesizers

Hanna Petterson – saxophone

Misha Hering – Oberheim 4 Voice



The Green Chapel establishes sonic portraits and paints somewhat dark, eclectic pictures of legends, mysteries, places, and personas. Although it’s packed with witty references from literature to music itself, the approach of The Osiris Club (symbolically) is inclusive rather than exclusive. It just takes you on a ride through a trippy, ecstatic, psychedelic rock infused with bold progressiveness. Absolutely irresistible music storytelling. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on 12” green vinyl.


A project that came out of mixing and matching numerous influences, like horror movie soundtracks and mysterious folk tales with the talents and visions of multiple well-known musicians. The Osiris Club brings the soundscape hommage to alternative popular culture, pays respect to the best of what came from music creation in the last 30 years, but also urges us to explore the unknowns between the hard, psychedelic music genres.







Udruga Alternativa / No Profit Recordings
Address: Krležina 31, 52100 Pula, Croatia
Vat ID: 56677012192


SMS: +385 91 890 5382
WhatsApp: +385 91 890 5382

SMS: +385 99 645 4343
WhatsApp: +385 99 645 4343


When it comes to music, there are no boundaries... We love everything harmonious and made with love...

We live for heavy guitar and bass riffs, distortions that take you to another dimension, that catapult you out of this planet, drums that drive you crazy, and energetic live performances that fill your soul!
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