Savršeni Marginalci (CRO), Svetlanas (IT), Bibliban (SLO) @13.07.24′ Open Air DC Pula

Punk rock open-air concert featuring Savršeni Marginalci, Svetlanas, and BibliBan

We are proud to add another great addition to the summer event list in Pula! On July 13,
2024, Savršeni Marginalci will play their famous repertoire of Hladno Pivo, with the support of
Svetlanas and BibliBan.

Energetic evening with all-time hits

Croatian band Savršeni Marginalci doesn’t need a special introduction. It’s enough to
mention that they are a cult music quartet composed of Suba, Zoki, and Šoki from Hladno
Pivo and Krmfa from Deafness By Noise. They play only old-school punk, or the first three
albums of the band that generations grew up with, to be exact. They will remind us of
‘Bubašvabe’, ‘Fur Immer Punk’, ‘Pjevajte nešto ljubavno’, ‘Princeza’, ‘Sarma’, ‘Trening za
umiranje’, ‘Zakaj se tak oblačiš’, ‘Šank’, ‘Tamburaši’, ‘Rigoletto’, ‘MTV’, ‘Nema više…’, ‘Ne volim
te’ and many more hits from their long and brilliant career.

A round of punk rock for warming up

They will be joined on stage by Svetlanas, a well-known band formed in Moscow and later
relocated to Milan. The band has been active since 2009, and since 2018, the permanent
lineup consists of Olga Svetlanas (vocals), Ricky (guitar), Steve (bass guitar), and Diste
(drums). Fun fact is that the famous multi-instrumentalist Nick Oliveri from Kyuss and
QOTSA has appeared on numerous releases. Svetlanas guarantee energy, powerful
performance, and most importantly, full-blooded punk rock! The gig introduction will be
prepared by BibliBan, a promising band from Laško, Slovenia which has been active and
creating since 2018. They gladly combine crazy musical journeys, explosive rhythms, and
virtuoso surprises on the border of punk, rock, and jazz, thereby creating chaos that you want
to be a part of. If The Mars Volta and Mr. Bungle had a child, and the grandparents were
Fugazi and NoMeansNo, the result would be BibliBan.

Ticket sales for the concert are available through the CoreEvent system. Early bird tickets
can be purchased until April 15th for 18 EUR. Regular tickets are available until July 12th for
22 EUR, while on the day of the concert, July 13, 2024, the price will be 25 EUR.

Doors open at 8 pm, and the program starts at 9 pm. More information about the concert is available on the
Facebook event.




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